How to look after your new engagement ring this festive season

How to look after your new engagement ring this festive season

13th Dec 2018

It’s Christmas, it’s a time of giving and at Gatwards, we love nothing more than to help our customers select beautiful gifts for their loved ones.

Now, there are special Christmas gifts, and then there are really, really special gifts. Like, an engagement ring for example.

Christmas is the season for proposals. According to wedding experts, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day have become the most popular days of the year to pop the question, followed by New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. The Gatwards team are no exceptions as Charlotte Gatward got engaged on boxing day back in 2011 and another member of our team just got engaged last week.

As we’ve been busily helping grooms-to-be select the perfect ring over the past few weeks, we thought now would be a good time to offer our top 5 tips on how to care for engagement rings for the lucky ladies who will be receiving one this Christmas.

An engagement ring is probably the first and most significant gemstone you will ever own, a precious jewel to be worn and treasured for a lifetime. As the UK’s oldest family jewellers, we pride ourselves on over 250 years experience and strive to give you our best advice on making sure your jewellery lasts a lifetime and beyond.

Your engagement ring is not only a sentimental piece that holds emotional significance and special memories but it is also a piece that can be passed to future generations and become part of the legacy of your family.

If you follow our steps to look after your new ring, you will ensure it looks like new for many years to come:

1/ Don’t wear it ALL the time

Although we understand you want to wear your beautiful new ring all of the time and may not want to take it off in case you lose it, we advise that you take it off keep it safe in its padded box when there is a risk you could damage it. When you go to bed at night, when you are in the bath or shower, when you play sports and whenever you are doing activities which could cause wear & tear or bring your stone in contact with dirt or chemicals – i.e gardening and housework - remember to take it off and keep it safe.

2/ Don’t knock it against a hard surface

Remember that gold and platinum are not indestructible metals and your ring could be bent out of shape if it gets caught or if you are repeatedly knocking it against a hard surface such as when playing golf or weight training in the gym.

3/ Get it cleaned regularly

Diamonds naturally attract grease and dirt and this causes them to lose their sparkle and look dull. We will provide up to 3 free cleans in our Ultra Sonic device in the first year of ownership. We also sell jewellery cleaning solutions and recommend our Dazzle Stick so you can clean your diamond at home to ensure it is always sparkling.

If you have a coloured gemstone, please ask us for details on cleaning as different gemstones require different cleaning methods.

4/ Check the settings!

Over time, all settings will wear and claws, if caught, can even break resulting in the loss of your precious gem. For your peace of mind, bring your ring back to us once a year for a free check & if we spot any damage, our workshop can repair it for you.

5/ Get your ring insured!

It would be heartbreaking if your precious item of jewellery was lost, damaged or stolen but it does happen and sadly, we have had to help customers source replacements. Through Jewellers of Excellence, Gatwards can offer a bespoke jewellery insurance solution which covers repairs, full replacement, accidental damage and worldwide cover. Ask us for further details.

If you have recently got engaged or will be getting engaged soon, we wish you a lifetime of happiness ahead and remember we are always here to help if you have any questions at all about how to care for your jewellery.

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