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  • ​Finding the best engagement rings

    3rd Aug 2022

    ​Finding the best engagement rings

    Don’t know where to find the best engagement rings? The UK’s oldest independent jewellers introduce…

    Published by Charlotte Gatward

  • Perfect Proposals

    5th Jul 2022

    Perfect Proposals

    One of the things we love the most at Gatwards is being a part of a couple's special story and helpi…

    Published by Charlotte Gatward

  • June is All About Pearls

    9th Jun 2022

    June is All About Pearls

    Pearl is the traditional birthstone for June. Symbolising fertility and love, pearls have been assoc…

    Published by Charlotte Gatward

  • Platinum Jubilee activity in Hitchin

    24th May 2022

    Platinum Jubilee activity in Hitchin

    The whole town is gearing up and hoping for sunshine for her Majesty's 2022 Platinum Jubilee celebra…

    Published by Charlotte Gatward