Chatting with Andrew Geoghegan

Chatting with Andrew Geoghegan

Published by Charlotte Gatward on 24th Jun 2020

We’ve been keeping in touch with our favourite designers and recently caught up with Andrew Geoghegan about life during lockdown, designing on trains and generally being a rebel. Here's what he said...

1) How has life been for you in lockdown?

In some ways very beautiful and in other ways very challenging - no dramatic change from normal life apart from perhaps the ends of the spectrum were accentuated! Beautiful in that with less focus on my career I was able to dedicate time to my family and the land and property we live on. I have my fingers well and truly in the soil now and this for many reasons is beneficial to me.

The period also cleared my head somewhat with regards my brand and this generated some clearer thinking as to the direction we take it and our focus. The challenges were becoming accustomed to regulations which affected my movement and social activity. I am a bit of a rebel at heart, so when my freedom of movement is compromised in some way then there is a strong reaction to it! I would say though, that where I live we were not hugely affected but still one feels it!

2) Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind the iconic satellite design?

I had just visited a retail partner from some years ago and they said to me "you should make more cocktail rings!". So on my journey home I was sat on the train with a pencil in my hand and a sketch book on my lap.

For some reason, my muse at the time was about intersecting - so, for example, a section of metal passing into another section. It was also focused on curves in regard to fluidity and comfort. So, on my sketch book I drew the simple form on the left below.

I loved the fact that there was a point of focus - of intersection. But then I started to consider what it could be like if the intersection didn't happen - but it was only suggested. So then the sketch on the right occurred.

And the initial concept for the Satellite ring was born. Fluidity, space, contrast (in stone size), comfort, the curve. The Satellite really does have so much within her.

3) What is the newest design that you've been working on?

During the lockdown I have developed a splendid interlocking ring to symbolise connections - particularly the connections between people which were so much felt during the situation. The design is delightfully clever if I do say so myself (!) and gives you the opportunity to stack and collect!

4) What do you see as the biggest jewellery trends for 2020/2021?

I have no doubt that the Covid situation will change tastes and preferences as it has changed many other things. My thoughts are that the preciousness of jewellery will become more important. This would mean that high quality, beauty in design, more significance will be a trend as opposed to the lower end or even perhaps what we could term as disposable jewellery. This may translate to jewellery having slightly more weight to it although this was not perhaps the recent trend. A swing to the classics could also happen - as some sort of normality resumes then maybe the preference is towards comfort and security as opposed to a brand new direction!

5) What is your favourite gemstone?

Emerald! Lush greens, beautiful inclusions. The imperfect perfect!

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