Do you take your rings off?

Do you take your rings off?

Published by Charlotte Gatward on 21st Sep 2020

You might consider it unthinkable to take your rings off. You might also think your fingers are the safest place for them and your insurer may even have insisted on it.

This may not be the best advice.

In this blog Elizabeth chats about the most common ways people could be unknowingly causing damage to their rings, and what to do about it.

1) Wearing rings in bed

We know people love wearing their rings, especially wedding and engagement rings, so why would you take them off? They are made of strong and durable materials right?

In fact wearing your rings in bed can cause accidental damage especially even if worn alongside other jewellery. Claws and settings can also get caught on the bedding, the bed and even you, so can get pushed and pulled about! This can cause stones to loosen and even fall out.

We recommend you remove all jewellery at bed time and put them in a safe place. Also get in to the habit of having the claws of your rings checked regularly. Take them to a reputable jeweller to check them and see if any repairs might be needed and for a professional clean.

2) Wear rings doing the dishes

All jewels and gems, especially diamonds, have an affinity to grease. Not to mention in hand sanitiser, moisturiser or soap.

If you continue to wear your rings and jewellery while washing-up, the stones will start to look dull and lifeless over time. Dirt and grime will also get in to the claws and settings clogging them up and could compromise the setting.

Any reputable jeweller will encourage you to remove your rings and give them regular care and attention. Our blog on caring for jewellery at home might be of interest {link}, but a regular clean by a professional jeweller is even better. We recommend at least once a year - more often if you can.

3) Wearing rings while gardening

Wearing your rings when you are doing anything that could knock the rings repeatedly on a hard surface – such as weight training in the gym, doing the housework or holding gardening tools can damage them and knock the shank of the ring (the bit that goes around your finger) out of shape.

Put your rings away somewhere safe before you do any of the above activities that could damage them. In other words, not wearing your rings at times is actually very good for them!

More tips on caring for your rings

  • Professional repairs: Wherever you can, get advice from an expert on ring repairs as even if you think a ring is beyond repair, jewellers can often work their magic! Never attempt to repair a ring yourself as it takes many, many years of training for a jeweller to learn the skills to be able to set stones in rings or repair claws to a setting.
  • Professional sizing: Having the wrong sized ring in the first place can also cause problems. Aside from the potential for it falling off and getting lost, or it getting scraped by other jewellery, it might in fact just be uncomfortable. Having a ring professionally sized is the best way forward rather than trying to live with it being the wrong size. The first port of call is to go to the jeweller where you bought the ring and ask them to size it but if you purchased it online, take it to a jeweller to see whether it is something they are able to size. Rings that have stones which go around the band can sometimes be tricky to size so it is always best to seek advice from a professional jeweller.
  • Like for like: If you are thinking of buying a wedding ring to match an engagement ring, taking the engagement ring (and your finger) to a specialist means that they will best suited to advise you on the right style and fit to go with that ring. This will help avoid disappointment from an online purchase that just doesn’t work together with the other ring.
  • Too good to be true prices: Always be cautious of cheap prices and deals. It’s not always the best quality items that get offered in these situations and they may lack quality, longevity or durability. And we’ve all heard that say – ‘You get what you pay for’. So, if the price looks too good to be true, it probably is and may be difficult to keep its appearance and hard to repair because there won’t be the quality materials to work with from the outset.
  • Get the right insurance: We often get told that the reason a ring isn’t removed for anything manual is because their insurance company insists that it is worn 24/7. If this is the case, then maybe this isn’t the most practical cover for you? Our insurers here at Gatwards offer a comprehensive and bespoke insurance for your precious possessions. Affinity Brokers ‘Love Cherish & Protect’ cover was created especially for Jewellers of Excellence and allows you to enjoy wearing your jewellery, but also gives you peace of mind for when you’re not. For a quote, call Affinity on 0141 221 9344.

If your jewellery could do with some sparkle, bring it in for us to have a look. Make an appointment using our online booking system.