Gold Wedding Rings - A Buyer's Guide

Gold Wedding Rings - A Buyer's Guide

Published by Charlotte Gatward on 13th Oct 2021

If you’re getting married any time soon then you might be looking for gold wedding rings. To help, we’ve pulled together our key tips for choosing your wedding bands as it’s important to get it right. 

Also, it’s good to be aware of the process so that we, or any jeweller can ensure that your wedding bands are the last thing you need to be worried about as you’re preparing to walk down the aisle.

Everything you need to know about gold wedding rings...

Your choice of wedding band is of course a matter of personal preference. The style you like; whether it will match any other jewellery, and durability for example. Here’s the big five things we talk about most often with couple picking their rings:

  • Budget: There will always be something out there to suit your pocket and any jeweller worth their weight will do their utmost to find you the best option for yours.
  • Durability (stone type): There’s lots to consider here, so get to know your gemstones and how to look after them.
  • Sizing: Your favourite ring may not be available in your size, so you need to allow plenty of time for any adjustments.
  • Engraving: Sometimes overlooked, but often the most treasured thing about gold wedding rings could be an engraving. It can really embed the memory.
  • Timing: Most important of all is to allow enough time to choose, order, size and engrave your ring. This should be a pleasurable experience and not stressful because it’s been left to the last minute.

The devil’s in the detail

Let’s look at these five things in a bit more detail:

1) Budget

We all know that there’s a lot to organise and of course to pay for with a wedding, so it is important to ensure that you have some budget left for the wedding rings you really want. After all, they are to be worn “till death do us part” so you want to make sure you’re choosing what you will really love and treasure for a lifetime.

Keep an eye on special offers and of course sales, but chat to your jeweller – they might be able to help. For example, we want to lend a helping hand with the wedding budget, so if you bought your engagement ring from us, we will give you 20% off your wedding bands.

2) Durability

This is a ring you’ll wear day and night - at gym workouts, gardening and while doing household chores to name just a few things - so it is wise to choose something durable. The durability of a ring will mostly come down to the material it is made from so here is a quick run down of the most popular metal choices:

  • WHITE GOLD: All gold is yellow but the manufacturing process can make it the bright white colour you see in jeweller’s windows. 18ct White Gold is 75% Yellow Gold with other metal alloys added to achieve this colour. It’s then Rhodium plated. Over time, the plating will wear off and therefore to keep your rings pristine you will need to have them re-rhodiumed from time to time. This is a service jewellers like us can do in-house. The thickness of the plating and your treatment of your rings will be the key factors in how long they last before needing to be re-rhodium plated again.
  • YELLOW GOLD: Gold is a noble metal - it doesn't react with the air. It will dull and scratch over time though through general wear and tear, but it will always retain its rich yellow colour. It can be re-polished in our workshop to bring it back to looking like new again.
  • PLATINUM: Platinum is naturally white in colour, so although it will scratch and wear over time it won't change its colour, unlike White Gold. While 18ct Gold is 75% Gold and 9ct Gold is 37.5%, Platinum is sold at 95% pure making it a good choice for durability. We strongly recommend that you select the same metal for your wedding ring as the engagement ring metal because different metals will wear at different rates. For example, a White Gold engagement ring worn against a Platinum wedding band would cause more wear and tear on the engagement ring than the wedding band.

3) Sizing

Do make sure your ring is a comfortable fit when you visit your jeweller for sizing. Many men don’t often wear rings, and so their wedding band will probably be their first significant piece of jewellery they have ever worn.

Fingers can swell as the day progresses, and if a ring becomes too tight it becomes very uncomfortable – definitely not something you want happening on your wedding day!

If a ring is too loose however you could easily lose it washing your hands, if the weather is cold or when jumping into a swimming pool or the sea on your honeymoon – all of which would be very upsetting and easily avoided by getting the sizing correct.

It's worth noting that everyone at Gatwards have been trained on how to size rings. If you are not 100% happy with the sizing when you come in to collect your wedding rings we will work with you to get it right.

4) Engraving

You may want to have the inside of your wedding bands engraved. Some couples choose to have the date of their wedding or their nicknames for each other – please don’t’ ever feel embarrassed about any nicknames, we’ve seen all sorts here at Gatwards! 

Any engraving you would like should be chosen at the point of ordering the ring and is usually included in the price. Well it is at Gatwards.

5) Timing

We know there’s a lot to plan and organise with a wedding coming up but please don’t leave your wedding ring shopping to the last minute.

Wedding rings are usually made to order and not purchased off the shelf. As with us, it will typically take approximately six weeks for your rings to arrive in-store. We would therefore advise allowing three months to select the perfect wedding rings and have them correctly sized and ready for your big day.

Help is always on hand at Gatwards

We love a wedding here at Gatwards and we especially enjoy hearing about all the exciting plans as they take shape. And, of course, we like to help and advise all our wedding couples on all aspects of choosing their dream gold wedding rings (or any other type of wedding band for that matter).

If you have any questions about choosing wedding bands, please drop in and see us or email us on