Jewellery gift ideas – 5 ways to drop the hint

Jewellery gift ideas – 5 ways to drop the hint

Published by Charlotte Gatward on 1st Jul 2021

Feeling like you need a treat?

Jewellery gift ideas don’t always come naturally, so here’s some ideas on how to subtly drop the hint…

Maybe you have a big birthday or anniversary coming up, or it’s been a tough 18 months, or your holiday’s been cancelled for the second year in a row. Wouldn’t a special piece of jewellery be just the tonic?

So, how do you make sure that your significant other knows this, and knows what to buy so that you don’t end up with a kitchen appliance or a piece of jewellery that you’ll never wear?

Most people (especially men) like to have simple solutions to problems. So, if they already know exactly what you want for your birthday, anniversary or engagement then it makes life easy for them. Everyone is happy!

Centuries of experience helping with jewellery gift ideas

Here at Gatwards, we have a couple of centuries experience in guiding our customers towards finding their choice of surprise gift. But, if they have zero clues about what their other half would like then it becomes a guessing game. With a special gift like fine jewellery, which one would hope will be worn and treasured for many years to come, no one wants to get it wrong.

5 expert tips for hinting about jewellery gift ideas

1) Point out jewellery styles that you like

This may seem obvious but there are some subtle and not so subtle ways of getting the message across…

You may be seeing friends or family and end up admire their jewellery, or you’re both out and about for a stroll in town and see jewellery on display in a shop window. If you don’t take the opportunity to tell your other half how much you like the jewellery that you’ve seen, then how will they ever know?

Even if you know that the jewellery you’re admiring may be out of their budget, explain why you like it – what is it specifically about the style that you really like?

2) Point out anything you don’t like and why

Jewellery is so personal. What one person may love could be bottom of the list for someone else. Is it the colour, the style, the particular gemstone that’s not to your taste? If they knows this, then they will know not to go there when selecting a gift.

3) Colour is key

If coloured gemstones are your thing then make sure you mention the colours that you like wearing. Also hint at how you’d maybe love a piece of jewellery that would match your favourite colour. You may have already seen the perfect pendant all in diamonds, but you could point out that you’d love it even more if it was in the deep blue of sapphire or a pinky red ruby for example.

Do you like yellow gold or do you prefer white gold or platinum? This is important as yellow gold does not necessarily suit everyone’s skin tone. If you’re like me with pale skin, it’s white gold/platinum every time.

4) Embrace the Internet

There are now some great social media tools like Pinterest for creating “mood boards” of your favourite things. This is a very useful tool for sharing with your other half if you already know they’re thinking of buying you a piece of jewellery. You can browse the internet and then select “Pin It” to add something you like to your Pinterest board.

You could also take the less subtle approach of browsing jewellery websites and simply email the links across so they have a selection of things that you have picked out that they can choose from.

5) Just point blank tell them!

This largely depends on your relationship. The least subtle way of all would be for you to just tell them exactly what you would like for your birthday/Christmas/anniversary/engagement... Yes, it does mean it won’t be a surprise, but they will most probably appreciate being told so that they don’t get it wrong. After all, the aim of the game is to end up getting that special piece of jewellery that you’ll love and treasure for a lifetime.

Whichever way you decide to tell your partner what you would like as a gift, we have over 260 years of experience. We love guiding and advising our customers on selecting jewellery and we specialise in making the whole experience a memorable one.

You might also like to know that all our jewellery comes with free gift wrapping. Make an appointment with one of the team today »