Love isn't locked down

Love isn't locked down

Published by Charlotte Gatward on 10th Feb 2021

Gift ideas to show you care when you can’t be together...

Love is all around us even in lockdown, and there’s lots of ways to show your loved ones how much you care. Here’s our favourite ideas, especially when you can’t get together.

1) Send a letter

Cards and postcards are still popular, but when was the last time you wrote a letter? Actually hand wrote a letter? Better still a love letter...

Now, what with the age of mobile phones and the internet, it is such a thrill to receive a hand written letter in the post – particularly if it's a love letter. Even more so if it’s on fine stationery and in beautiful handwriting. We highly recommend giving it a go and, if you want to make it really special, try writing with a fountain pen. It makes it feel just that little bit more special and romantic.

MontBlanc Meisterstück Le Grand Fountain Pen. £530.00

2) Send flowers

Who doesn’t love receiving flowers and adorning their house with beautiful foliage – it really does lift your mood. With so many online florists and ‘letterbox flower’ specialist around it’s easy to have something delivered. Your local high street florist will have a delivery service, so check them out too and ‘shop local’. Alternatively, how about being a bit different and sending them a house plant or something for the garden. Or, what about a vase for those flowers – something to treasure for ever which will remind them of you every time they use it. 

3) Send a personalised gift

Get something engraved or personalised with a significant date or name or place. A poem even. Things like rings, tankards, hip flasks, pens, cushions, mugs, make-up bags, house signs and pictures can all personalised. Again, check your local high street for services like this and support local business.

4) Send something handmade

How about a cake or something you’ve made yourself, like a knitted scarf or other crafting project? Or a video message - easy to share online. Or, handmade chocolates, cheese, jams and other delicious treats from local artisan producers, who again will all have delivery services.

6) Send some sparkle

Champagne comes to mind, or any tipple from your local vineyard, distillery or brewery. But the sparkle we like the most is of course of the gemstone variety, and that is definitely something we can help with.

Ruby and Diamond Pendant. £1,430.00

7) Get engaged

Of course the ultimate, and most traditional and romantic way to show someone how much you love them is to ask them to marry you. Swoon.

If popping the question is on your mind this lock down, and you want some help and advice on picking the perfect engagement ring when you can’t come into the store (and do not know what size or style you’re looking for), we can help. If you’re after something unusual, we can even design and make something bespoke just for you, with a video call with our in-house designer to kick things off.

Here’s one young man’s story of how we did it for him during lockdown:

Matt & Poppy’s love story

During the November lockdown, Matt asked us about an engagement ring for his girlfriend Poppy. He had a good idea what she might like, but during a covert online consultation we talked about the durability of different types of stones and what colours Poppy predominantly wears.

That enabled us to narrow it down to a sapphire three stone, which we also helped him size, by having him send us one of her rings to measure.

We went on to source the ring for him and then sent it to his parents in Dorset. This was so Poppy didn't see it arrive with the champagne that we sent as part of our engagement package. Despite Tier 4 lockdown restrictions, Matt was able to get to his parents and retrieve the ring and was able to propose to Poppy on Christmas Day. We're very happy to report she said yes!

Clearly we’re championing local and independent retailers like us here, and we urge you to support yours if you can.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for an engagement ring on the QT we’d love to help. Book a consultation here »