​The Birthstone for June is Pearls: And They’re This Summer’s Biggest Trend.

​The Birthstone for June is Pearls: And They’re This Summer’s Biggest Trend.

10th Jun 2019

Celebrity Pop-Star Rhianna wearing pearls

Vogue Recently Published it’s Findings From The Autumn/Winter 2019 Catwalks. Pearl Earrings Were Top Of The List – And They Blame The Recent Success Of Movies Such As The Favourite And Mary Queen Of Scots For Their “Dominance” On The Runway.

With the month of June being the birthstone for pearls, we Explore What Marie Claire Are Also Calling This Summer’s “Biggest Trend”.

White gold & freshwater pearl run-through pendant: £137.50


Historical movies may have inspired the latest surge in pearl popularity, but we are definitely not talking about the stereotypical string of granny pearls. The designs of late are far more progressive, with the likes of Givenchy, Balmain and Alexander McQueen embracing this trend.

We are seeing a real change of attitude when it comes to pearl style. Obviously a more modern approach to pearls has been around for a number of years now, but with the celebrity world literally at our fingertips and ‘social media influencers’ now a familiar phrase in our vocabulary, consumers and designers alike can copy and paste popular trends more easily than ever.

The pearl is of course endlessly chic and will always have an air of elegance, but the introduction of chain, spikes, metal shapes and other gemstones very much gives a new lease of life to this organic gemstone.

British jewellery designer, Shaun Leane who was Alexander McQueen’s favourite jeweller has embraced the pearl trend with his latest collection which incorporates pearls with his ever-popular silver talons and in a ring & matching pendant. Shaun describes the look as “beautifully elegant with a touch of menacing”

The entire range is now available in-store in both silver and gold vermeil.

Shaun Leane silver, gold vermeil & pearl ring: £250.00




Angelia Jolie in a pearl necklaceDuchess of Sussex with pearl earrings

Other celebrities who are endorsing the pearl include Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman and the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex to name just a few.

Different shapes are now embraced when they were once thought of as a lesser quality – the baroque shape for instance is now THE pearl to adorn – whether it be on bracelets necklaces, shoes, bags or of course the baroque and hoop earring – the current hero of the jewellery world.


Nicole Kidman & The Duchess of Cambridge wearing pearl & diamond drop earrings

Pearls are sustainable, ethical and organic so it’s no wonder they are proving to be such a gem when it comes to 21st century style.

We are passionate about pearls at Gatwards! Be sure to celebrate the pearl this June, and embrace this summer’s biggest trend.

18ct white gold cultured pearl & diamond ring £1390 available in-store