Tips on Jewellery Care to Keep you Sparkling in Lockdown

Tips on Jewellery Care to Keep you Sparkling in Lockdown

Published by Charlotte Gatward on 18th Apr 2020

Whilst we are all at home in this lockdown, many of us are spending time working on our gardens, cleaning our homes – maybe doing a spot of de-cluttering. 

What about cleaning our jewellery?

As you are not able to come and see us to have your jewellery professionally cleaned at the moment, we thought it would be helpful to write our guide on how to clean your jewellery at home to ensure it retains its sparkle and also how to care for the jewellery you are wearing all the time.

We are all washing our hands much more than usual at the moment and if you have diamond rings, diamonds attract grease and dirt very easily. Endless hand washing can cause the stone to look dull and lifeless after a while but a quick clean at home and it will soon be sparkling like new.

Hazards of Hand Sanitizer & Hand Cream

Do be careful with using hand sanitiser on organic gems such as pearl or coral as the alcohol content will dry them out and cause cracks on the surface.

It is also not safe to use on porous stones such as opal or turquoise. If in doubt, take off your rings before applying hand sanitizer.

The same advice applies to hand cream if, like me, you have got very dry hands from all the handwashing. Cream tends to collect around the setting of the stone which attracts debris over time and the build-up can eventually cause damage to the claws which could result in a lost stone.

For most of the main gemstones – diamond, emerald, ruby and sapphire; a simple clean with warm water and washing up liquid will bring them back to life.

Simple cleaning recipe

You will need:

  1. An old toothbrush
  2. A small bowl
  3. Some liquid detergent e.g. washing up liquid
  • Fill the small bowl with warm water and 1-2 drops of washing up liquid
  • Immerse the item of jewellery in the water for a few minutes
  • Gently brush the setting with your toothbrush to clean underneath it where the dirt and grease will have accumulated
  • Immerse once more in the warm water
  • Dry gently with a dry cloth

  • It is important to remember that the thing that makes gemstones fascinating is that they all have different properties such as levels of hardness and this guide on the Gem society website is great for identifying how best to clean your jewellery based on what gemstone it is:

    Jewellery Care

    As you may be spending more time in the garden or you might be doing some online workouts or more housework than usual, it is a good idea to remember that even if you have diamond jewellery, diamonds are not indestructible.

    1. Don’t wear your jewellery ALL the time

    Although we understand you want to wear your fabulous jewellery all of the time – particularly if it holds sentimental value and you may not want to take it off in case you lose it, we advise that you take it off keep it safe when there is a risk you could damage it.

    When you go to bed at night, when you are in the bath or shower and whenever you are doing activities which could cause wear and tear or bring your stone in contact with dirt or chemicals – i.e. gardening and housework - remember to take it off and keep it safe.

    2. Don’t knock it against a hard surface

    Remember that gold and platinum are not indestructible metals and a ring could easily be bent out of shape if it gets caught or if you are repeatedly knocking it against a hard surface such as when working out or gardening.

    If this does happen, do not worry as any reputable jeweller will be able to repair this for you once you are able to take it in for them to assess it.

    3. Store your jewellery carefully

    Think about how you are storing your jewellery. With stones having different hardness levels, they can easily scratch or knock each other if stored together. This is particularly true of pearls which should always be kept separately from diamonds as diamonds are much harder and can scratch pearls very easily. Take care to close any fastenings on pendants, bracelets and necklaces too so that when stored together, don’t catch or tangle.

    We hope this helps you keep sparkling in lockdown and we look forward to seeing you in your jewellery on the “other side”.

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