What is Quiet Luxury?

What is Quiet Luxury?

26th Sep 2023

The term "quiet luxury" is something that keeps cropping up on our social media feeds, but what does it mean exactly?

Essentially, it’s about investing in key, good quality pieces of clothing and accessories that will stand the test of time. Gone are the days of large, brand logos and fast fashion, designed just to wear for a season & then throw away. Now the fashion industry is starting to realise that this just isn’t sustainable & that we should all be looking towards the quality rather than quantity of what we wear. So investing in classic, staple jackets, luxury handbags & good quality jewellery, to team with vintage jeans & dresses for example is exactly in line with the quiet luxury trend.

“Quiet luxury is new-age minimalism, with a larger focus on investment pieces and thoughtful shopping.” – Elle Magazine

Quiet luxury is something Gatwards have been promoting for generations & is more a way of life for us than simply a fashion trend. We have always been an advocate of buying good quality once that will last the test of time. Our mantra of ‘more than a moment’ is exactly this - Jewellery should be of an exceptional quality and a timeless style. Something you can pass onto generations & made of quality materials that make it possible to remodel and redesign using the same precious metals or gemstones over the years should you wish.

So, with quiet luxury in mind here are our top 3 recommendations of diamond jewellery that will never date…

The 1ct Ring

The ultimate classic solitaire will never date & our classic design has had the benefit of a modern makeover. It looks just as timeless, but is now cleverly designed to fit perfectly flush with another band. This allows you to easily stack it with other rings you may have in collection should you wish to change the look from time to time.

Solitaire 1ct Diamond Ring - Quiet Luxury

The Tennis Bracelet

An absolute classic that can be dressed up or down, the tennis bracelet is so comfortable to wear and does a great job of elevating an outfit. Another great piece for stacking, wearing alongside your watch, or simply wearing as a standalone piece.