What would your design look like?

If you've been dreaming of re-modelling some of your jewellery, or owning something that's been designed just for you, our in-house design service can turn your ideas into reality.

Whether it's a ring for a special occasion, or something for a unique gift, it all starts with an an online design consultation with our designer Emily. She will chat through your ideas and then beautiful things will evolve.

Emily will take it all away and come up with some initial ideas in sketch form. She will discuss these with you and once the design is agreed, it will go into production. All our materials are ethically sourced and handled with the utmost of care in our onsite design studio and workshop.

Remodel a previously loved piece

Alternatively, do you own a piece of fine jewellery that you love, but just don't wear? Maybe it's sentimental or a family treasure that's just not your style. Or perhaps you would like to re-model your engagement ring to incorporate a bigger stone? 

If you would like to discuss your bespoke jewellery design and get an idea of what would be involved, including how long it will take to create your piece, please book an appointment...