The things we get asked the most

People ask all sorts of things about buying fine jewellery and watches. Here's the most common: 

1) Can a ring purchase be re-sized if it doesn’t fit?

Yes we can re-size the ring for you. If it is an engagement ring, we would normally recommend presenting the ring first and then coming in to see us afterwards so that we can measure for the correct size.

2) Should I buy white gold or platinum for my wedding ring – what is the difference?

Gold has risen dramatically in value recently and so now there is not much between gold or platinum in terms of cost. The main difference is colour as platinum is a white metal and gold can be yellow or white. Durability is also another key difference - platinum is a harder-wearing metal than gold and therefore is an excellent choice for wedding and engagement rings that are to be worn and treasured every day.

3) What is your return policy?

If you purchase an item and then change your mind, we will offer a credit note or an exchange within 28 days of purchase.

4) Do you offer Interest Free Credit?

Yes, we can provide 12 months interest free credit via V12 finance.

5) How often will my new watch need its battery replaced?

You should expect to replace the battery every 1-2 years.

6) How often will my new watch need to be serviced?

This depends on the make of watch and the movement but it should be serviced every 3-5 years. Just as you would regularly service a car, there are many component parts in watches that need to be regularly checked.

7) How do I know I am getting good quality gemstones?

Every item of jewellery that we buy at Gatwards is hand selected by our experienced buying team and quality checked before it enters our showroom. Our qualified team will check the stones for their colour and beauty and anything we are not 100% happy with will be sent back to our suppliers.

8) Do you sell Lab Grown diamonds and are they more environmentally friendly?

Gatwards does not stock lab-grown diamonds. It has been suggested that they are more environmentally friendly than mined diamonds however it does take a huge amount of power output to create a lab-grown diamond which in turn creates a large carbon footprint.

9) Do you repair jewellery?

Yes we have an on-site workshop where we can repair jewellery.

10) Do you do valuations for probate or insurance purposes?

Yes, we have a registered valuer who provides valuations for insurance and for probate.

11) Do you buy gold?

Yes we will purchase gold for scrap and will offer a price based on the value of gold on that day.

12) Do you design jewellery?

No, but we work with some wonderful design houses and if you are looking for something bespoke, we can make some recommendations. 

13) Do you clean jewellery in-store?

Yes we can clean your jewellery – we can steam clean as well as re-polish and re-rhodium jewellery.

14) How long before our wedding should we organise our wedding rings?

We normally advise three month lead-in to arrange your wedding rings. This allows enough time for you to make your selection, the ring to be made and any sizing requirements to be taken care of before the big day.

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